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See that smiling guy in the photo?  That’s Rodney Brooks the owner of both Performance Unlimited and DAP Enterprises.  We are very excited that Rodney will be back again this year for The Muddy Chef Challenge.  DAP//Performance Unlimited will offer a few interesting technical discussions at the MCC.  Specific details will be announced shortly.  Welcome back Rodney!













 What does the term Automobile Performance really mean?  Is that term reserved for people who want their cars to go fast, or to race in some way? In a really short answer: NO! For a true automobile enthusiast, performance can mean almost anything. Whether you want to make your car go faster, achieve better fuel mileage, look cooler through personalization of its looks, make it fit bigger tires for the rough roads ahead, or just want it to perform at the best that its designers intended it, these are all forms of automobile performance.

 So whether you are an off-roader, a racer, enjoy car shows, are a hyper-miler, or just need a tune-up, you are at the right place! The professionals at Performance Unlimited are truly automobile enthusiasts, and speak your language. We pride ourselves on understanding what our customer needs from your visit, and making that happen to your satisfaction and beyond.  

 You want to be involved with the modifications so that you can tell your friends you did it? Sure, no problem! You want to drop off your restoration project on a flat bed and pick it up when its done? No problem! Know exactly what you want? Have just a vague idea how you want your custom to look? We are happy to work with you for whatever your needs are.





Here at D.A.P., we’re in our 40th year of the Land Rover Lifestyle. We defined the Lifestyle in North America as the oldest “Rover Only” specialist. Whether you drive a vintage Series or the latest supercharged offering from Solihull, we can supply parts and service at the best value. Please explore our web site, but keep in mind that it’s only a fraction of the vast inventory we carry. Take a few minutes to get to know us at D.A.P. Enterprises, and see what we’ve been doing for Rovers during the past 40 years.

WhistlePig Rye Whiskey / OFFICIAL SPONSOR


For America, it has been a long road back to rye.
That road was paved with tea leaves.


Before the American Revolution, most Americans ate rye bread and drank Caribbean rum.  Dutch settlers pushing up the Hudson brought the rye grain with them from the Low Countries, and introduced it to their Yankee neighbors, who needed a crop that could survive a winter far harsher than what they had left behind in England.  Meanwhile, British ships regularly offloaded large volumes of rum shuttled from their West Indian colonies to their great colonial ports of Boston and New York.  If Americans drank whiskey at all, it was because they were backwoodsmen too far from these ports to access this rum.  These pioneer farmers turned to building their own stills, and distilling whatever might be left over from their harvests, as a way to keep the chill off in the cold northern winter.

Things changed in the cities, though, after the colonists entered open rebellion.  The Crown responded by hitting Americans where it really hurt: by placing an embargo on rum imports.  Thirsty and resourceful, the young republic turned to something it could produce independently: rye whiskey. If the American Revolution had an “Official Beverage”, it would’ve been rye. All the classic American whiskey drinks, like the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan, called for rye. The hearty grain was right at home in northeast American soil, toughing out the long winters and persevering throughout the seasons. George Washington himself became the largest producer and distributor of rye in the United States.


Pure, aged rye is more flavorful, complex, and delicious

than any corn-based whiskey.

Though sturdy and resilient in the ground, rye couldn’t stand up to the punishment of the Civil War. Along with the rest of the country, the rye industry was torn apart. As the decades passed, the punishment continued; prohibition and two world wars conspired to keep America’s finest whiskey buried in the frozen past. Even during periods of great prosperity, from the Roaring 20’s to the Baby Boom, the country poured all its capital-crop love into the sweetest, easiest grain of all: corn. Poor old rye was hung out to dry. With the lowest sugar content of all grains, it is the most difficult grain to distill. Rye is tacky, bratty, and stubborn… but the labor of love is worth the struggle. Pure, aged rye is more flavorful, complex, and delicious than any corn-based whiskey – just ask The Founding Fathers.

Speaking of fathers, WhistlePig was born in 2007, when Raj P. Bhakta bought the Farm. Rather, he purchased the farm. The point is, he is alive and well and married and a father, and the proud owner of WhistlePig Farm. After spending his last dime on 500-plus magical acres in Shoreham, VT, Raj joined forces with Master Distiller Dave Pickerell (of Maker’s Mark fame) to plot the long awaited return of rye whiskey to the States. The two men got their hands on the best batch of aged rye in North America. A few months later, in February ’09, they hatched a 5-year plan to transform WhistlePig Farm into the first ever single malt, one-stop rye shop, with all stages of the process located on site: from growing the grass, to distillation, to barreling and aging, to bottling.  With the opening of our single-estate farm distillery in the summer of 2015, what was once a pig-headed dream will be a top-shelf reality.

On January 1, 2010, Raj & Family cleared out an old barn, rolled up their flannel sleeves, and started bottling the exquisite rye. The ‘Pig was out of the pen! In 2013, the gang harvested its first crop of rye. And when distillation begins on the farm on July 4th, 2015, the WhistlePig vision will be complete. Just like that, after 200 years of lying dormant, Miss American Rye is back on her feet.


Peter Becks Village Store is Becky Belcher and Pete Feen’s reincarnation of an old Salisbury staple, The Village Store. Since the late 70’s the Village Store was a place for Salisbury residents, Appalachian Trail hikers, and passers-thru to get outdoor gear, sporting goods, and clothing for exploring the area’s trails or inns and antique shops. Peter, a prep school fundraiser with roots in Litchfield County, and Becks, a Lakeville native who previously worked as a sales representative for Vineyard Vines, decided that it is their mission to revive this Salisbury institution with their own twist. Feel free to come by, take a load off by the fire, and buy clothing and gear that will enhance your Southern Berkshire lifestyle.

Becks is a 4th generation Salisbury resident and therefore has always felt a very strong bond with the area. After working in the apparel/outdoor industry for 10 plus years, Becks saw an opportunity to bring The Village Store of Salisbury back to life with it’s own twist, now Peter Becks Village Store. Becks has enjoyed combining her passion for the outdoor industry with her heritage in Salisbury. No one has final say without Becks stamp of approval–well maybe Salty.


Pete and his wife Becky own and operate Peter Becks Village Store. Pete enjoys relaying his knowledge of the area to locals and passers-by alike; in particular recommending the best hiking trails which he explores often with his golden retriever, Salty.

Highly invested in the region: Pete is also a realtor with Elyse Harney Real Estate and consults for The Northwestern Connecticut Planning Collaborative, a community based organization that works on economic, marketing and tourism initiatives in Litchfield County.

As a volunteer Pete sits on the board of The Marketplace of Salisbury, helps organize the HYSB Bearcat 5k at Hotchkiss and is on the Marketing Committee for the Salisbury Ski Jump.

Pete on a bet once drove from Albany, NY to Denali National Park in 72 hours.

Luke was born and raised in East Canaan, CT. He attended Housatonic Valley Regional High School. In his spare time, Luke enjoys playing hockey, golfing, fishing, hunting and playing with his dog Harry. Luke is in charge of the social media and marketing at Peter Becks Village Store. Luke currently attends University of Rhode Island. ” People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.”- Brick Tamland

Lea is a life long Salisbury resident, she grew up on a small dairy farm outside of town with her two sisters, and is now married and raising two children in Salisbury. Summer is Lea’s favorite season and spends as much time as possible on Twin Lakes, boating, fishing and swimming with her family! Lea has been with Peter Becks since 2010.

Cocktail Reception at The Madava Estate, home of Crown Maple Syrup























An apres shooting and off-roading reception at the world famous Madava Estate, the home of Crown Syrup.  The finest syrup on earth!  It’s a fancy dress reception and there will be a prize for the best outfits as well as the funniest outfit.  So get your prep on at Crown Maple.