The Muddy Chef Challenge was established in 2008 in Stowe, Vermont. A handful of Land Rover aficionados got together with the crazy idea that off-roading could be combined with a vehicle-based gourmet cooking challenge and the Muddy Chef Challenge was born. Since then, the Muddy Chef has grown to become the largest Land Rover event of its type in the world. We are often described as “Top Gear meets Top Chef” and that’s a perfect description. Over the course of three days, competitors will setup African Safari style campsites, experience challenging off-road and overland driving, take part in sporting field events (Falconry, Fly Fishing, Sporting Clay shooting, etc.) dress up for exclusive cocktail parties, visit local purveyors of gourmet food and spirits, and compete in two world-class vehicle based cooking challenges!


This is my first time – what are important things to consider?

We want you to have FUN! That’s our primary goal – a fun weekend where you meet old friends and make new ones. So consider a few things. The name of the event for example – The Land Rover Muddy Chef Challenge. It’s a weekend only for Land Rover owners, who compete in cooking challenges while doing other fun stuff! We get asked the same questions over and over again, so here we go:

QUESTION: Do I need a Land Rover to attend the Land Rover Muddy Chef Challenge?
ANSWER: YES, you need a LAND ROVER to attend the LAND ROVER Muddy Chef Challenge

QUESTION: Do I have to cook at the Land Rover Muddy Chef Challenge?
ANSWER: YES, it’s a cooking weekend (you know “Muddy Chef Challenge). The mandatory cooking event is the Saturday night event – the Muddy Chef Challenge. Every team competes for prizes, bragging rights, and glory. You don’t have to cook well, but you have to cook.

QUESTION: Um, camping is not my sort of thing. Can I stay in a hotel?
ANSWER: Absolutely. We understand that camping is not for everyone. We do believe you will miss a very large part of what makes the event special. Check back shortly for an approved list of hotels and motels in Manchester.

QUESTION: I’ve never driven my Land Rover off-road – and/or I’m driving a new 2021 Range Rover Autobiography (or Range Rover Sport or Discovery 5 or LR4 or new Defender, etc.) I’m not sure it can handle the off-road part.
ANSWER: We have you covered. Our expert coaches and instructors will guide you through a series of off-road challenges with little risk of damaging your vehicle. You will come away with a new understanding of the amazing capabilities of your vehicle.

QUESTION: Can I bring my Dog?
ANSWER: Absolutely! We welcome good dogs! The usual good pet owner guidelines apply and you may NEVER leave your pet unattended. Dogs must be on a leash at all times and please be sure to clean up after your pet.


What should I bring?

As this a vehicle-based camping and cooking event. Participants need the usual camping equipment, tents, chairs, sleeping bags, coolers, food cooking equipment, etc, etc. We encourage participants to set up an African Safari style camp. Oriental rugs, leather chairs, Land Rover flags and signs – go over the top! Prizes will be awarded for the most outrageous campsite.  If you forget something don’t worry everyone is happy to share and there are plenty of nearby grocery stores, farm markets, and liquor stores.









About Camping:

Remember to SECURE your campsite. I’m not talking about securing it from theft (we have 24-hour security for that), I’m talking about SECURING IT TO THE GROUND. We had a small storm come through a few years and absolutely destroy a few pop-ups that were not staked into the ground.

So, buy those heavy duty tent spikes and bring a hammer to pound them in. Also, when you leave your campsite be certain to ZIP up your windows, secure your gear and protect anything that might get wet.







Your strategy for RAIN:


Rain. Rain can ruin your trip if you don’t plan for it. We encourage everyone to prepare for your trip as if its going to rain the entire time. The fun thing about our activities is everything continues in the wet. Shooting is more challenging and who doesn’t love off-roading in muddy conditions. Essential items for rain include Hunter or Wellington boots, a good pop-up canopy to give you some shelter from the rain, an awning or tarp, and a waterproof tent with a rain fly. Barbour jacket, GORE-Tex, a dashing umbrella, etc. So, make sure you are prepared and hope for another amazing weekend (like last year!).

What does my vehicle need?

You need a solid recovery point on the front and rear of the vehicle. The recovery points should be installed before we hit the trail. Your vehicle should be in good repair without any serious rust and able to handle basic off-road challenges. I could go into horrific detail here, but won’t. If you brung it and want to run it – fine. As with all events like this, YOU are responsible for your own actions. If you hurt yourself – you are responsible. We don’t need lawyers……

What if I break down?

Not a problem. You will be surrounded by some of the most talented and experienced mechanics and Land Rover experts on the planet.  Should you have a breakdown, just about everyone will go out of their way to lend a hand and get you back on the trail or road again. How’s this for an example – A few years ago, we had a Series IIA 109 Land Rover with a 300tdi engine have it’s alternator seize. If you know this particular engine it’s not something you can just nip over to the local auto parts store for. Muddy Chef attendees used a tow vehicle to bring the car back to Lime Rock, they stripped the vehicle down and the next day Arthur from Rovers North delivered a new alternator (and a Defender 110 full of Rovers North prizes).


What’s it cost?

We are unique.  We believe that events like The Muddy Chef Challenge should be run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.  Unlike similar for-profit events in the North-East, we are fully transparent with costs and expenses.  Zero profit always!  Any leftover registration fees are donated to charity.  When you pay for your next Land Rover event – consider who profits – the organizer or a charity?



Can I help? / Need anything?

Most of all we need volunteers to help our event run smoothly.  If you can volunteer for part of all of the Muddy Chef Challenge we would love to hear from you!  Join our team of dedicated and hard working experts.  Please contact info@muddychef.com for more information.


email: info@muddychef.com

We look forward to seeing you at The Muddy Chef Challenge!

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  1. I would like to be added to your email list. We have : 04 Disco, 05 LR3, 08 Sport, 13 Evoque and would love to enter in 2016.

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