2020 Muddy Chef Challenge

Due to the global virus emergency, I’ve decided to cancel the 2020 Land Rover Muddy Chef Challenge.  I know this will disappoint many of you and derail your summer plans.  However, with the current global state of unrest and confusion, it’s better to put it off this year and look forward to 2021.  We will, however, come up with a virtual Muddy Chef Challenge and offer you the ability to compete against each other from the safety of your home.  Look for a registration e-mail in the next week.  We’re hard at work designing 2020 MCC the event stickers and shirts, and as always Muddy Chef Challenge winners will receive a coveted Muddy Chef Challenge engraved mug.  

Stay safe, have fun, and remember to take care of each other!

Eric and the entire Muddy Chef Challenge event staff. 


2 thoughts on “2020 Muddy Chef Challenge

  1. Darn!!! I have a few guys next door who is a Lobsterman I was going to do my first Muddy Chef and bring Lobstah!!!!!!!
    Maybe a winter edition if its over by summer?
    1983 Ser 3 Lightweight

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