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The Muddy Chef Challenge

 It’s it’s like the pentathlon of the automotive world.
Date Jun 13, 2014

Written by Ed Higginbotham

Hey, all you folks out there in Lime Rock Park Land, are any of you a Land Rover owner?

If you Land Rover/Range Rover you are invited. Whether it’s from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s or—okay, you get it—any model from any era, brand-spankin’ new included, you are invited.

And can you drive a decent grill?

Because if you own a Land Rover/Range Rover of any stripe and you enjoy making excellent food “on the road”—think The Great Race meets Top Chef—you definitely want to sign up for the Lime Rock Park-hosted Muddy Chef Challenge 3, July 31 through August 3.

Did we mention that proceeds benefit Autism Speaks, one of the great charitable organizations out there?

First come, first served, so get to clicking.

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