2018 Muddy Chef Challenge – Manchester, Vermont (July 26 – 29, 2018

2018 Arizona Muddy Chef Challenge – Mesa, AZ (dates to be announced soon)



Thank you to Drive the Globe and North American Overland for these great video creations!

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Arkonik Land Rover Muddy Chef Challenge










This year we are moooooooooooving  to Manchester, Vermont. 

It’s a great move as the Muddy Chef Challenge was born in Vermont way back in 2008.  Manchester is a great choice as it offers a huge variety of activities.  From Falconry, Fly Fishing, Shooting, and an extensive network of off-road Class 4 roads, to world-class outlet shopping.  Everything you could possibly need is close at hand.  Manchester is home to the Orvis company, the Equinox hotel, and Stratton, Magic Mountain and Bromley ski areas.

We’ve rented a beautiful campsite.  It’s close to town, and has beautiful, lush, and live grass – as opposed to the dust from last year!   We are packing the weekend full of interesting activities, site visits, and adventures.  Perhaps the most significant change from last year is how you arrive at the Muddy Chef campsite/HQ.  We’re not going to tell you where the campsite is in advance!  We will tell you when and where to arrive in Manchester and immediately send you on an off-road and overland adventure. You enter the trails, unguided, and have to use your skill and wits to follow the clues through the woods.  I know what you are thinking – “that’s crazy and I’ll get lost” don’t worry, we have carefully prepared the routes and driven them with a variety of stock and modified Land Rovers.

When you exit the trail you will be greeted by a Muddy Chef instructor with an envelope and ice cold Cide Road beverages. The sealed envelope will contain a map and guide to the final destination – The Muddy Chef Challenge!  Your campsite is 20’X20’ with ample parking.  Registration includes camping and is PER-Land Rover.  You may bring one additional non-Land Rover vehicle at no charge.

We hope you will join us on a Vermont adventure!




7 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Hello,
    My family and I attended last year and had a fantastic time and experience. We have 3 kids, Van 13, Jude 11 and Sydney 8. The entire family are true outdoors enthusiasts, boy scouts…hunting, fishing, camping, hiking etc all summer and found this to be a very family friendly event last year. It turned my wife into a Rover, off-road enthusiast after my many years of effort. We would like to register again this year and have friends that are Rover owners/enthusiasts as well. They have a 1 year old daughter and are an outdoor family as well, already camping/hiking etc several times w/ Alma the new little adventurist. We would like to make sure they are welcome w/ 1 year Alama to attend w/ us? If so we would like to get two adjoining sites that would encompass two Rovers. Please let us know if this is appropriate. All are willing to sign any and all waivers for all. My 3 kids loved the experience and my daughter ended up in Rover magazine from last year. If all is good, please let me know the registration cost for the two Rovers and the two adjoining sites… By the way, the husbands are both restaurant owners/chef, cooks and the wives are both physicians. May add to the menu and resources; haha.
    We are looking forward to revisiting this year and spreading the experience.

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