Aug 28, 2016 – ARKONIK AT POLO

October 15, 2016 – FIELD DINNER

Muddy Chef Challenge 2017






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Three days of Safari style camping on the beautiful and historic grounds of Lime Rock Park.  Challenging off-road driving for all skill levels, overland challenges, sporting field events, bonfires and two world-class vehicle based cooking challenges.  The event has been described as “Top Gear meets Top Chef”



Two Cooking Challenges:

The Iron Muddy Chef Challenge (Friday July 29, 2016) This event is limited to 15 teams and is similar to the Food TV show “Chopped” contestants must prepare, cook and serve a gourmet meal in a remote location with only what they can carry in their Land Rover.  The ingredients are kept secret until the event begins (last year the IMCC Mystery Box contained a fresh Brook Trout, a Pineapple, Artichokes and a can of Spam!).  Contestants are given 50 minutes to create a winning dish.  The competition is intense and challenging!  SIGN UP HERE

The Muddy Chef Challenge

(Saturday July 30, 2016) OPEN TO ALL (all participants compete in the challenge) This is the main event of the weekend!  We estimate more than 90 teams will compete this year.  This is a three course competition with a focus on using local ingredients and culinary skills almost unimaginable from the back of a Land Rover.  The competition is truly world class.   Check out the ‘FOOD” section of the website for details.  SIGN UP HERE

Training  / Tech Sessions / Presentations:

Beginning on Thursday July 28, 2016 we will offer a variety of training sessions for Land Rover owners of all skill levels and model years. Learn basic or advanced skills for your vintage or modern Land Rover.  There will be classes on vehicle recovery, outfitting, winching, technology, radio technology and usage and GPS tech.

Special Event:




Arkonik is an English company that specializes in the highest quality, built-to-order Land Rover Defenders.  Join us Thursday, July 28, 2016 at 5:00 pm for a presentation in the main event tent.  Arkonik is sending a team of experts over from the UK specifically for the Muddy Chef Challenge.  Also, there will be a variety of Arkonik Defenders for you to see first-hand and test drive.










Off-Road Driving:

From challenging to extreme!  Our courses are carefully selected and pre-tested by our expert staff.  No matter your skill level you will enjoy an assortment of challenging trails.

Fancy Dress Cocktail Party@The Iron Muddy Chef:

Not competing in the Iron Muddy Chef Challenge on Friday?  Put on your best cocktail attire and jump into the Rover!  Cheer on your favorite team at an amazing and scenic location.  What to wear?  Think Brooks Brothers meets Filson, Lilly Pulitzer and Wellies, Barbour and Nantucket Reds, Vineyard Vines and Camo.  Prizes for best attire.












Vendor Village

Your chance to interact and buy from some of the worlds best Land Rover specialists and bespoke suppliers.


Meet new and old friends around the bonfire.  We supply free kiln dried seasoned hickory and maple firewood.

“Hot” laps around Lime Rock Park

A highlight of the weekend!  Join us for what are almost certainly the slowest (but most fun) laps ever around Lime Rock!  Also, new for 2016 is a tour of Lime Rock Park and your opportunity to go on the racetrack with one of Lime Rock Park’s professional staff.  Like speed?  You will love this! 












Stay tuned!  More to come!


Join us July 28 – July 31, 2016 at the Track in Lakeville, CT



Photos from the 2015 event:

The Land Rover Muddy Chef Challenge is the largest event of its kind in the world.  Open only to Land Rover owners, the Muddy Chef Challenge is a three day event that has been described as “Top Gear meets Top Chef”.  Over the course of three days owners will face a series of off-road challenges, overland events and sporting field events (sporting clays, shooting, land navigation, etc.).  Highlights of the event are two world-class vehicle based cooking challenges.


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