Iron Muddy Chef Competition / Friday July 31, 2015

The Iron Muddy Chef Challenge was held on the beautiful grounds of the Millbrook Vineyard in Millbrook, NY.  The Iron Muddy Chef Challenge is similar to the Food Networks TV show “Chopped”   On Chopped and at the Iron Muddy Chef – contestants are faced with a box of mystery ingredients.  They have no idea what they will be cooking.  For the Iron Muddy Chef contest this year, the main ingredients were – fresh Brook Trout, a large Pineapple, two artichokes, and a large can of Spam.  The primary difference between Chopped the IMCC is that we completely REMOVE THE KITCHEN.   Competitors must use only what they can carry in their Land Rover.  They must prepare, cook and serve in the field.  Contestants are given 50 minutes to prepare their dishes.

















THREE, count em’ THREE spots remain to participate in the IRON MUDDY CHEF CHALLENGE.  If you forgot, bumped your head or just plain never heard about it – let me school you.


Friday July 31, 2015


Millbrook Vineyard and Winery

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In the style of the Food Network’s CHOPPED TV show.  Competitors are give a mystery basket of food and must prepare a delicious gourmet meal in 50 minutes.  The catch?  You don’t know what’s in the basket.  The cost per team is estimated to be $50.00

Chopped from The Food Network

WE provide you with the food and access to a pantry of shared ingredients (example – flour, salt, pepper, spices, heavy cream, garlic, etc, etc.)  YOU provide the Land Rover and everything you need to cook with inside it.  We provide the location for the challenge – The breathtaking Millbrook Vineyard and Winery and YOU cook.

Do you have what it takes?

Can you win the Iron Muddy Chef Challenge?

Will you go on to dominate the Muddy Chef Challenge on Saturday?

You will never know if you don’t sign up.  Seven brave souls already have.  Time’s running out!

Want in?  Email for your chance to win fantastic prizes and glory!