Timothy DiPietro / SPONSOR PROFILE

Proust/Solihull Questionnaire

If Land Rover made an aircraft would you fly in it?   Why/Why Not?

My dream plane is a Grumman Albatross, which is a 1950s/60s era amphibious “flying boat”, probably the closest comparable plane to a Land Rover from an aesthetic and reliability standpoint, so yes I would fly in it, but given my track record, my wife would kill me before it could.

Tell us a little about your background, your career, and where you live.

After graduating from Dickinson College in 2006, I moved to NYC where I worked as an Insurance Underwriter focused on Private Equity and Venture Capital. After 6 years as an underwriter, I moved to the Brokerage side and joined Bullen Insurance Group in 2012. I recently moved back to my childhood town of Locust Valley NY on the North Shore of Long Island.



















Can you tell us a bit about your company?

BuBullen Insurancellen is a boutique brokerage that for over 100 years has specialized in providing creative insurance solutions for affluent families. With this specialty we are exposed to many beautiful homes and collections, but my favorite component is working with our Collector Car enthusiasts. From vintage Land Rovers, to some of the rarest vintage Ferrari’s in the world, each car and the story that comes with it is a unique and exciting experience.


How many Land Rovers have you owned and which was your favorite?tim d defender

When we moved out of the city, I purchased a 1995 Defender 90. It had been my dream car since early childhood.

What’s the best thing about owning a Land Rover?

Aside from the joy that comes from driving my dream car, the comradely of owners is unique. I always enjoy meeting another owner and comparing notes. Seeing my two-year son turn into an enthusiast is pretty high up there as well.

What’s the worst thing about owning a Land Rover?

That my dad’s mechanic was correct when I first looked at one with him 15 years ago, they break all the time and aren’t cheap to fix!

What upgrades/modifications does your Land Rover have?

By forced choice, replaced 3.9L with 4.6L, new trans, brakes, shocks, hoses, wiring etc. Shout out to Chris Viola, Rovertek, for saving my ass on  new engines and repairs, without you I would have had to sell my 90 for scrap

If you were on safari which three (living or dead or fictional) people would you pick to bring along?

My grandfather would be my first pick. He spent many years in Africa and had a concession in Botswana. He was an ace shot and had an amazing game room filled with heads and other collections and images from Africa. Hemingway is a tough one to pass up as a second, and of course my travel partner and wife as the third!