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If Land Rover made an aircraft would you fly in it?   Why/Why Not?

I would.  Air travel is typically very boring and predictable, and I feel like an aircraft made by land rover would make it a lot more entertaining.

Tell us a little about your background, your career, and where you live.

I reside in Winhall, Vermont, and I make a living doing carpentry, bartending, and coaching alpine ski racing.  I am currently attending Castleton University where I am majoring in Pre-Med and will be one of the coaches for their D2 NCAA alpine team.


















How many Land Rovers have you owned and which was your favorite?

I have owned 6 land rovers, and my favorite one would be the 1999D1 that I currently own















What’s the best thing about owning a Land Rover?

The excitement of going through a day of wheeling with nothing going wrong, and the look on jeep owners faces when I go through something with complete ease and no drama at all after their $45,000 rig just got shut down.

What’s the worst thing about owning a Land Rover?

Trying to buy parts at a regular auto parts store and explaining what a land rover is…

Been on an adventure? – tell us about it

Of the several adventures I have been on on with my countless rovers, the one that stands out in my mind would be when I took my 3rd Discovery I wheeling for the first time and the fuel pump relay gave out.  Being young and very new to the rover world, I had no idea what was wrong.  Luckily I had my friend Conine with me who was a Triumph enthusiast and was very familiar with English electrical systems.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to fix the problem and wound up hiking out 13 miles at about 4am.  When we got back to the truck the next afternoon, we hard wired a switch to the fuel pump straight off fo the battery and it started up and drove out no problem.

If you could ask Land Rover for a particular type of vehicle what would it be?

Just bring back the 101 and throw in a set of portaled axles.






What upgrades/modifications does your Land Rover have?

RTE Front Bumper – RTE Rear Bumper – RTE Sliders

RTE Lift Springs – Rovers North Trailing Arms

Rovers North Diff Guads – Rovers North Front Steering skidd

Rovertracks Steering linkage – Terrafirma Steering Stabilizer Re-locator

Terrafirma Shock Towers – Terrafirma F & R Dislocation cones

Terrafirma Pro Sport +5” shocks – Terrafirma Rear Shock mounts

GBR Rear Half shafts – Detroit TruTrak Rear Diff Carrier

Ashcroft 4.11 Gearing – Tom Woods Double Cardan Drive Shafts F & R

Rover Racks Custom roof rack. – Recon 10,500lb winch

Wolf wheels – 235/85R16 Wrangler Duratracs

AUX LED lighting all around – Braided SS Brake lines

EBC Rotors and Pads

If you were on safari which three (living or dead or fictional) people would you pick to bring along?

McGuyver, My Girlfriend, Jeremy Clarkson



















PROFILE / Lorenzo Gaudioso


Lorenzo is the horizontal guy in the photo.

If Land Rover made an aircraft would you fly in it?   Why/Why Not?

Only if it was first serviced by Lars Vigen over at Madison Motor Works…that way there is a better chance that it won’t go down, and if it did at least

Tell us a little about your background, your career, and where you live.

I’m an Italian/American originally from Bridgeport, CT and relocated to a little town in Litchfield County where my Landy has plenty of room to play. I am a Certified Financial Planner™ and I focus on investment strategies for companies and individuals that are strategic by design and tax efficient by purpose (because hey, if they are going to justify tax dollars being spent to crush Rovers then why give them any more tax dollars than you have to?). I know a lot about food, wine and travel and piece, by piece I’m learning how to fix up my Disco (practice for a IIA)

How many Land Rovers have you owned and which was your favorite?

This is my second Rover. I had a Range Rover P38 named Gertrude. We had a love/hate relationship. Mainly because of a fried ECU which controlled the switch from Hi-Low and an affair she had with the 3 Amigos…still hate those guys. I now have a 97′ Discovery.

I’m getting through her at a snail’s pace but it is a fun trip. She is a work horse on the farm and starts up every time…which why I forgive her for her leaky sunroof and lack of foot wells (rusted through). But I can say that her lack external beauty is made up for by her will to live. The question is will she end up as a camper or as a mobile kitchen for future Muddy Chef events? I loved them both for different reasons.

What’s the best thing about owning a Land Rover?

When I first bought Gertrude it was all about getting from one place to another no matter what the weather. While she proved herself through the winter of ’13 it became more than that. I love the community. It is like a fraternity of owners. Most have gone through the trials and tribulations of owning a Landy. Those folks also know it is about how they look when covered with mud and not when they are covered with wax. It is about a friendly wave to a fellow owner or knowing that an owner stuck in a ditch has a very good chance of being pulled out by another owner (try doing that in the Prius club)

What’s the worst thing about owning a Land Rover?

They are never “done”.

Been on an adventure? – tell us about it

My only adventure has been to the 2015 Muddy Chef over at Lime Rock. It was my initiation into the community. It took about 30 seconds for my neighbors to come over and introduce themselves and within a minute they were helping with my gear and offering up all the tools I had forgotten. By the time the first campfire died out in the little hours of the morning I knew I was hooked.

How do you plan to beat the competition this year at the Muddy Chef Challenge?

In 2015 I came very ill prepared. I had no idea what to expect. That being said me and my cousin formed “The Cooking Cousins” and took home the trophy for the iron-chef portion. We also teamed up with Co-Bro’s to take home an award for the Muddy Chef portion. This year I plan to have a lot of fun, be more organized and cook what I want to eat and what I want my fellow Landy Owners to enjoy. I’d love to take home the trophy again but this year I’m committed to meet more great people, make memories and smoke more cigars.

If you could ask Land Rover for a particular type of vehicle what would it be?

A new Series. Leave the yuppie bells and whistles out of it (leave the A/C in). 30 Grand, leave the top off, factory snorkel extra fogs and a winch, It doesn’t need to get over 80 mph but if it could get to 55 in a hurry all the better.

What upgrades/modifications does your Land Rover have?

It’s the HSE package which gave it a lift out of the factory and apparently it is a big deal that it has chrome bumpers. Previous owner upgraded the stereo but not much else. First I’ll get it proper, then I’ll work on special.

If you were on safari which three (living or dead or fictional) people would you pick to bring along?

Tough one. I’d want Lars Vigen around because let’s face it…there is a good chance that something is going to break on a Landy so having someone around who can fix it is awesome. It would be even better if the Safari was driven in his truck.

Eric Yohe because for some reason good cigars and bourbon always seem to follow him. Let’s face it…no good story started with “while we were drinking water and chewing gum…”.

Finally, my cousin Tonino as long as he left his cell phone home. He is a good shot with a rifle if things get hairy, is a good cook (the other half of the Cooking Cousins), is funny as hell after a few scotches and he would never let me live it down if I left him home.

Whistle Pig Rye Whiskey Review from Mouth.com




100% rye. 100 proof. Aged for 10 years in New American oak barrels. Oh yeah, WhistlePig is a seriously strong, seriously good rye.

It’s full-bodied with great hints of wintery spice wrapped around a black pepper center. The long aging tames some of the heat and brings along the vanilla and a touch of dark chocolate.


It’s got a pretty good story, too: Dave Pickerell, longtime Master Distiller for Maker’s Mark, believed that rye was going to be the next big thing, so he went on a quest to find the best rye possible. He fell in love with an unusual 100% rye (rumor has it, it was made by our neighbors to the North, but he’s not telling). He teamed up with WhistlePig founder Raj Bhakta, who bought a 200-year-old working dairy farm in Shoreham where they began hand-bottling the whiskey. Today, they’ve built a distillery, are growing their own organic rye and are working towards distilling and aging their own rye whiskey.

Until then, we’ll just have to settle for drinking this powerfully delicious spirit of top-secret origin that has garnered rave reviews since it hit the market. How’s that for American pluck?


While whiskey at this price is usually too precious to mix, we love this rye splashed into warm apple cider for a restorative winter warmer.