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Who? Owner, Carl C. Reidemeister

What? Discovered that his passion for Overland Vehicles and his talents for sales & marketing could provide a unique marketing opportunity for Extreme and Adventure Sports equipment companies.

Where? X-TREME MOBILE ADVENTURES is based on the East Coast but will travel nationwide.

When? After years of thinking… Carl purchased a Sportsmobile and spent time with the team at Sportsmobile West in Fresno, CA. This spark fanned the fires of opportunity and the concept of X-TREME MOBILE ADVENTURES was born.

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The Adventure Began…

As an off-road enthusiast, I have owned dozens of four-wheel drive vehicles over the years. In 1999, I bought my first Land Rover and it literally changed my life. What I really bought was a lifestyle and all that Land Rover stands for (in my mind) – travel, exploration, and the freedom to go anywhere. I began working as a volunteer with a local dealership as what I called a “raving fan.”

I attended events, helped with training, and then started working with Overland Experts working expos, training, and just plain “helping the cause.” Overland Experts offers an off-road driving program taught by a biologist and teacher, not just some guy that loves the mud! As a volunteer, I became addicted to the lifestyle and gained valuable knowledge of off-road and overland travel. Overland Experts has spent years of dedication to perfecting the process of overland travel in a safe and environmentally safe way.

With a background in sales and marketing in financial services for over 26 years, the time has come to pursue another passion. I have spent the last five years investigating the idea of purchasing an all-terrain recreational vehicle–one I could use for traveling with my wife and family on weekends and overnight adventures. When I first saw the Sportsmobile–it just blew me away.

This self-contained vehicle sleeps four with the ability to walk thru into the back portion and features four-wheel drive, an electric roof, solar power, diesel furnace, a refrigerator and outdoor shower, now that’s camping! Alan Feld (of Sportsmobile West) is passionate about the product and helping people enjoy this lifestyle.

I have combined my love for off-road adventure with my sales and marketing skills to create X-TREME Mobile Adventures. The Sportsmobile allows me to travel to various places, attend shows and expos, and represent the products, services and companies that I believe in…things I would purchase that are valuable to those who love travel and off-road adventure.

Team members include my stepbrother and his wife, Jim and Kelly Tourtellotte, owners of a successful graphic design, marketing and publishing agency, who have assisted with the concept and creation of X-TREME Mobile Adventures. Together, we have developed a strong cross-marketing platform that includes on-the-road, in-person, and on-line sales capabilities providing X-TREME Mobile Adventure sponsors value and leverage (along with other complementary companies) that have the same passion for this adventurous lifestyle. We invite you to explore our website, become a sponsor, and give us your feedback.

~ Carl C. Reidemeister
US Navy Submarine Veteran, Successful Financial Advisor & Off-Road Adventure Enthusiast

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