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5 Questions for Jim Geroux of Research in Recovery

If Land Rover made an airplane would you fly in it?

If the correct maintenance crew had prepared it. I would fly in it.

Tell us a little about yourself, family and background.

I was born and raised in rural, upstate NY. I spent my childhood in the woods and fields around my parents’ home riding motorcycles and driving field cars (whatever I could find for little money). Which means I spent an equal amount of time in the garage fixing and maintaining them. Unknowingly I was training myself to be a land rover owner. I became a machinist in the late 80’s and still machine today. I’m always thinking up ways and ideas for making my vehicles better, tougher and more dependable. Machining allows me to make my designs reality.

We’ve been married for 20 yrs and enjoy living in upstate NY.

We recently had an opportunity to use one of your products for an off-road recovery.  Tell us a about your company and your products.

We are a very small company – just my wife and myself. Our goal is to build and design parts and components that are ultra-high quality, quality you can feel in your hands. I design and build the prototypes and test them in the field. Then we have a local machine shop manufacture to our specifications.  I go wheeling for some R&R which turned into our company name Research in Recovery. 

Do you have plans for any new products?

Yes, we have a few new products in the works. One of which we hope to unveil at Muddy Chef. We are also working on making some Rover specific parts and accessories which will be distributed through Atlantic British. We will be sure to let you know once they have parts in stock.

How many Land Rovers have you owned?  Which was/is your favorite?

One could say I officially have the Rover disease.

I own three Land Rovers and all are on the road and drivable.

1) 1981 Series III 88 RHD w/2.25 diesel

2) 1998 Discovery 1

3) 1992 Range Rover Classic

Which is my favorite?

That is a tough one! The series truck started it all he was my daily driver for more than a couple of years. Then came the Disco which is my daily driver now and has been to hell and back several times with me. Most recently to Moose on the Loose 2015 in the Maine north woods and performed flawlessly. The RRC is the latest edition to the family. It has its sights on driving to MOAB and back next spring for a bit of wheeling in Utah.

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They are all special in their own way and my favorite is the one that I am driving at that moment in time.

Thank you for having us at Muddy Chef.  We are really looking forward to it.

Jim & Kristen Geroux


Editor’s Note: Jim is famous for making the best paella anyone’s ever had!


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