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The Solihull Questionnaire

If Land Rover made an aircraft would you fly in it?   Why/Why Not?

Yes, as long as a good mechanic was maintain it and if it had parachutes to put on.

Tell us a little about your background, your career, and where you live.

I am a native Vermonter, I live in North Pownal, VT. I have been a Construction Contractor for 22 years.  I like to build and maintain things, probably why I am still driving a Land Rover.  I learned to drive off road at the age of 12 on VT class 4 roads and logging property.  I enjoy a lot of camping, kayaking, fishing and off-roading. I have own many off-road platforms, but Land Rovers are my favorite.














What’s your team name?

Team Harrington or Bee Team is what go by when we compete it events.














How many Land Rovers have you owned and which was your favorite?

I have owned only one my current 2002 D2 Kalahari Edition.   I have had the
opportunity to drive some other models.
























What’s the best thing about owning a Land Rover?

Owning a Rover

What’s the worst thing about owning a Land Rover?

Owning a Rover

Been on an adventure? – tell us about it

I have been on many exploring, camping and off roading adventures throughout Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Utah, New Jersey and New York.   There are many good stories to be told around the campfire with a Bourbon or two.















If you could ask Land Rover for a particular type of vehicle what would it be?

I would like Land Rover to make a 100 inch wheel base Defender with a powerful V8.

If you were on safari which three (living, dead, or fictional) people would you pick to bring along?

Lazz Mckenzie, living, because he is an essential on any trip.  If you have met him you know why.  Marlin Perkins, dead, because who wouldn’t want him on safari.  Bumble Bee, fictional, because who doesn’t want an alien robot that turns into a car around.

Adventure Dog Tiberius


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