MCC3 Staff headed to Lime Rock Park


UPDATE 4/14/2014

We (Eric, Peter, Gene, & Chris) are heading out to Lime Rock Park this week to meet with Skip Barber and staff.  I’ll take photos of the racetrack, the  campsite and surrounding areas.  We are also headed to the Orvis shooting school (and the former location of the Land Rover Driving School) with a Land Rover G4 Challenge Discovery and may take a few laps around the old school course.

Also, we will be visiting our off-road areas and scouting trails.   We will rate them (like ski trails) green, blue, black and double black. An important goal this year is to avoid trail traffic jams and keep everyone moving all day.

The Registration page on is not working as well as I’d like – so expect to see changes there soon.  Also, there will be a link to Lime Rock’s campsite reservation page and a special MCC3 discount rate.  Look for that sometime next week.

Registering is important as it locks in your place and provides you with the event ticket, etc.  Remember – its free!

Want to be an event sponsor?  We have left and right cap side logo areas on the event hats.  Sponsors will receive 4 free hats as a reward for sponsoring the event.  Email to learn more.

Check back later in the week for site photos, trail photos and videos.



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