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If Land Rover made an aircraft would you fly in it?   Why/Why Not?

I would.  Air travel is typically very boring and predictable, and I feel like an aircraft made by land rover would make it a lot more entertaining.

Tell us a little about your background, your career, and where you live.

I reside in Winhall, Vermont, and I make a living doing carpentry, bartending, and coaching alpine ski racing.  I am currently attending Castleton University where I am majoring in Pre-Med and will be one of the coaches for their D2 NCAA alpine team.


















How many Land Rovers have you owned and which was your favorite?

I have owned 6 land rovers, and my favorite one would be the 1999D1 that I currently own















What’s the best thing about owning a Land Rover?

The excitement of going through a day of wheeling with nothing going wrong, and the look on jeep owners faces when I go through something with complete ease and no drama at all after their $45,000 rig just got shut down.

What’s the worst thing about owning a Land Rover?

Trying to buy parts at a regular auto parts store and explaining what a land rover is…

Been on an adventure? – tell us about it

Of the several adventures I have been on on with my countless rovers, the one that stands out in my mind would be when I took my 3rd Discovery I wheeling for the first time and the fuel pump relay gave out.  Being young and very new to the rover world, I had no idea what was wrong.  Luckily I had my friend Conine with me who was a Triumph enthusiast and was very familiar with English electrical systems.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to fix the problem and wound up hiking out 13 miles at about 4am.  When we got back to the truck the next afternoon, we hard wired a switch to the fuel pump straight off fo the battery and it started up and drove out no problem.

If you could ask Land Rover for a particular type of vehicle what would it be?

Just bring back the 101 and throw in a set of portaled axles.






What upgrades/modifications does your Land Rover have?

RTE Front Bumper – RTE Rear Bumper – RTE Sliders

RTE Lift Springs – Rovers North Trailing Arms

Rovers North Diff Guads – Rovers North Front Steering skidd

Rovertracks Steering linkage – Terrafirma Steering Stabilizer Re-locator

Terrafirma Shock Towers – Terrafirma F & R Dislocation cones

Terrafirma Pro Sport +5” shocks – Terrafirma Rear Shock mounts

GBR Rear Half shafts – Detroit TruTrak Rear Diff Carrier

Ashcroft 4.11 Gearing – Tom Woods Double Cardan Drive Shafts F & R

Rover Racks Custom roof rack. – Recon 10,500lb winch

Wolf wheels – 235/85R16 Wrangler Duratracs

AUX LED lighting all around – Braided SS Brake lines

EBC Rotors and Pads

If you were on safari which three (living or dead or fictional) people would you pick to bring along?

McGuyver, My Girlfriend, Jeremy Clarkson



















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