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“Years ago my Grandmother’s uncle lived up on a mountain in the hills of West Virginia. He lived there with his wife and children and farmed the land. He built a little shack in the woods where he would go from time to time to get away from it all. It was a little one room place built up on sandstone with rough sawn lumber that he cut down and had a local saw mill rough saw. He did all the work himself. He didn’t use a tractor or power tools— just a blind horse. He did all the work by hand. The roof was just overlapped wood and all the walls had cracks you could see through. Nothing special, just a couple of windows and a door with a sign on it that said KEEP OUT. No running water, no electric, and no insulation or drywall on the walls. It truly was a shack. Well a number of years ago while out hunting I found this shack. It was in rough repair and was barely visible through the underbrush. Being a youngster, I just had to investigate.

























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