Muddy Chef FAQ

(FAQ Version 19.0) Updated 5/26/2017

I want to be a Vendor/Sponsor:

We are excited to begin accepting sponsors for the 2017 Muddy Chef Challenge.  For more information on sponsor packages and rates please send an e-mail to info@muddychef.com  We will reply to you within 24 hours.


Interested in attending The Muddy Chef Challenge with media credentials? 

Please forward your information to info@mudddychef.com

Are you affiliated with Land Rover?

No.  The words “Land Rover” are used to describe the vehicle or the event.


I want to come and not cook.  Is this allowed? Unfortunately, no.  This is an off-road and cooking challenge.  The week before the event we will review registration availability and decide if there is room for non-participants to attend.  Should there be room, we will contact you.

Are day passes available?

Due to the nature of the event we do not accept day visitors or sell day passes.

Are spectators allowed?

No.  Only registered attendees and their guests are allowed on the Muddy Chef grounds. 

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