If Land Rover made an aircraft would you fly in it?   Why/Why Not?

Yes, I enjoy uncertainty and I have faith in myself to identify with Land Rover’s limitations and I would fly the Land Rover and maintain the Land Rover accordingly.

Tell us a little about your background, your career, and where you live.

I spent 15 years training for and working within safety critical roles within the demolition industry. My passion for Defenders turned into a business 10 years ago. I am now CEO of Arkonik, and work every day within the business, my primary role within Arkonik is product and business development. I live in a small home in the Somerset town of Midsomer Norton in England.

Arkonik names each Defender they build. My favorite is “Axel” What are some of the staff’s favorite builds (we know this is like trying to pick your favorite child, but indulge us).

We all prefer the simple and traditional builds, particularly; Puntjack, Denali, Savannah and Madeleine. My own personal preference is for a red Defender, any Defender “as long as it’s red”.

Tell us about the Prestige/Arkonik relationship?

Our relationship is born to provide a conduit into the USA for our shared passion for the Defender, the ownership and majority staff of each business are connected in the desire to do the very best we can do, at whatever we do, whilst having fun and working with like-minded people, we recognize our strengths and weakness, we support and care for our
arkonikprestigeClients, we acknowledge that we are skin and bones and that Defender is metal and material. Like Defender we keep going when confronted with crisis or failure. We tread carefully but confidently. Through these shared understandings and values we are able to do business together and are able to provide an opportunity for discerning Clients to experience the utility of an Arkonik product within the luxurious and established Prestige setting.

Each Arkonik is a custom built Defender – what’s the most insane vehicle you have been commissioned to build?

It must be “South Beach” this was designed and built for a seemingly very unassuming man – we were surprised by his choices and delighted by the outcome. South Beach has a powder “baby” blue body with Chawton white accents, the interior materials comprise shades of white and tan.

How many Land Rovers have you owned and which was your favorite?

I have owned 1 Land Rover Defender for 20 years – it’s a 1983 110 V8 station wagon, I also have a RR Classic 3.9 V8 from 1994 which I have owned for 12 years. Recently I have purchased a hard top 110 V8 which I have stripped bare for summer use.

What’s the best thing about owning a Land Rover?

The ability to make it your own and the sense of potential it provides.

What’s the worst thing about owning a Land Rover?


Been on an adventure? – tell us about it

I spent a year travelling 25,000 miles across western and eastern Europe, the entire breadth of Russia and Mongolia and included a circuit of Australia by motorcycle, alone. I met many obstacles and adventurers on the journey including a good few Land Rover owners in Siberia.

If you were on safari which three (living or dead or fictional) people would you pick to bring along?

My son and my daughter and Oscar Wilde.

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